Sasha Pimenov

Software Engineer
AI Enthusiast

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About Me

  • Passionate about engineering high quality software.
  • Well versed in OOP and best coding practices.
  • Team player.
  • Confident.
  • Creative.
  • Independent.
  • Life-long learner.

My favorite activities are designing, thinking, learning, figuring our how stuff works, playing chess.


SRC inc.

Software Engineer

  • Designed and developed real time video processing application running on Nvidia Jetson AGX board. C++17, cmake3, IpxSDK, OpenCV, Darknet, TinyYoloV4, ZMQ, Protobuf
  • Added joystick controller to an advanced optical system simulator. C++17, Python, JavaScript, CentOS, Docker, AirSim, Unreal Engine
  • Designed and developed radar mode switching system to work with a novel mode generation scheme. C++17, Waf, PostgreSQL
  • Combined two radar products into a single software base line to decrease maintenance cost, streamline feature development, and simplify common bug fixes. C++, Waf
  • Maintained radar GUI. Java
  • Updated a suite of applications supporting radar manufacturing and testing process. Matlab, Bash, Java
  • Expanded a radar field calibration website to support new system. Php, postgresql, html, css, Js
  • Accepted into the Science Technology and Engineering Leadership Rotational Program (STELR) program that provides ambitious workers with experiences to illuminate their career path toward leading the innovations of the future.


Android developer

  • Maintained an existing Android application.
  • Implemented new features and new app versions based on approved design.
  • Participated in daily scrum meetings.
  • Wrote clean, testable, and maintainable code using common design patterns.
  • Technology stack includes, but not limited to: Java, Firebase, Retrofit, REST Service, BitterKnife, Dagger, Mockito, Espresso, Git.
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White Canvas Project


E-commerce website selling backdrops and accessories for food photography professionals and enthusiasts.

Personal Projects

Remote Laser Pointer Cat toy

Raspberry Pi + few servos + laser pointer + pi camera = ability to play with your cat over the internet.

If you want to check it out live, let me know.
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Extreme precipitation prediction in the state of Iowa based on 30 years of meteorological data collected in 5k location around the globe.

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View source code.

DialogFlow Proxy

DialogFlow Proxy is a web service that has exposed API to receive a query containing text to be processed by DialogFlow Agent. The purpose of DialogFlow Proxy is to isolate any required logic processing. It is set up to query the Agent via HTTP, process response data, make necessary API calls, and provide text data to be presented to user as a response.

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Fully functional classic tetris game, with gui written in Python 2.7. Currently working on writing an agent to play the game autonomously. There are few major challenges. First-one is to determine the best position for dropping peace. Second, determine a sequence of steps to place peace in best position. Since in my setup game speed increases exponentially there must be an upper limit on what an agent can achieve. Very interesting challenge.

View demo video.
View source code.


Completed a project for a non-profit organization that works with educators in Ghana. There is a problem of collecting paper forms for class enrollement and typing them in manually in excell spreadsheet. This project, althought requires some setup, allows for enrollement forms to be filled in by guardiangs/parents using simple phone and sms messaging. It elliminates the need to give out paper copies and collecting them, along with manual spreadsheet entry. Uses GoogleVoice, email forwarding, and Python script running on remote server to collect sent messages and fill in excell sheet.

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While commuting on a bike I started noticing a lot of bikes that were left behind for various reasons just to be collected by the city workers for scrap metal. Bike parts just like bikes cost money. It is fairly easy to collect parts for a few "family" bikes. Learning how to do basic mechanics using simple tools helps in brain development. So it seems like a decent idea to show kids how to put a bike together from a scratch or replace some broken part.

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University of Massachusetts, Boston

Jan 2015 - May 2018

Master of Science in Computer Science

Technical University of Kryvyi Rih, Ukraine

Sep 2003 - Jun 2008

B.S./M.S. in Mining Engineering


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